Industrial Projects

IOT enabled air quality measurement

The internet of things based project aims at making the consumers aware about the indoor air quality through various gas sensors. The air quality of a particular location is uploaded instantly over internet so that one can have a global access to it. Users are warned about poor air quality through tweets, mails and SMS. Another feature of the project is to control the operation of pollution causing machineries through IOT.

Traffic control using image processing

The project is to develop an automated system that controls traffic light signaling according to the traffic on the road .It is different from the time based control used in present scenario. Cameras before the traffic signals will control the traffic lights. Cameras will judge the number of vehicles on the road through image processing. And then accordingly it will instruct the traffic light.

AKGEC Fab lab has a 100W laser from SIL and works on RDworks software for control. Any 2D vector graphics design can be cut or engraved using the laser.

Voice controlled automobile

Build a hand free control to access our robots and make them easy to control over voice commands. It will not cost much as it requires Arduino as a microcontroller, a Bluetooth module for wireless communication. Voice commands will be transmitted through the phone and received by Bluetooth module at microcontroller and with the help of data received at Bluetooth we will be able access our robots.

PID control of motors

It mainly focuses on precisely controlling the position and speed of motor. We require a smooth motion from our bots which could be possible if we implement PID control in it. Use of LabVIEW to make control loops for our system facilitates to implement the task. The aim is towards controlling our available dc motors using PID.

Firebird V for wireless communication

The aim of choosing this project was this bot which is a very versatile design which includes many sensors like sharp sensors, white line sensors, wheels with encoders, many external connections ports like servo pod connector. Configuring it with similar bot using XBee modules, attaching a servo arm on it and programming it to actuate by sensor detection.

Smart accident management system

The proposed system records the parameters of vehicle at regular intervals of time, through a “smart device” installed in the vehicle and sends these values onto the cloud(for further processing), vehicle owner (when required) or a third party. The device is made up of various sensors, modules and microprocessor and is safely suitable for the vehicles as it does not interfere with the hardware or normal functioning of the vehicle. The system will help the consumers in a number of ways like helping them in situations of accidents by making the professional help available to them at the earliest, tracking the vehicle in cases of theft and disabling the vehicle and last but not the least, monitoring the sensor values in order to control the air pollution caused by the vehicles.

Real time Industrial Pollution Measurement And Control

This project is a prototype version of controlling industrial [pollution levels using Gas sensors and XMEGA controller board. The data was wirelessly transmitted using Xbee modules and analysing the pollution trends with the help of LabVIEW software. The project bagged First position in Atmel Embedded Design Contest-2014 held at Pune.

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

The technologies are running faster than we ever imagined before. Facilities are getting more automated and informative in modern manufacturing systems, especially in semiconductor and LCD plants. The implementation of computer chip can be seen everywhere in every part of this world. These systems keep a great deal of such information on its current and near-future status as the arrival time and job completion time of their parts. High demands on manufacturers have left their shipping warehouses in havoc. Human error has a negative effect on safety, efficiency, and quality. These expenses are reduced with the introduction of an Automated Guided Vehicle, AGV which can be defined as a driverless device that is often used in material transportation in an automated production line or in automatic storage and retrieval system.

Bottling Plant

The smart and customizable soft drink plant is a project aimed to design an efficient filling and packing process. The project consists of manufacturing two varieties of drinks-orange one and a black one. The operations like filling, capping and packing are performed on separate stations. The eco factory concept is also a key factor in developing this project. To implement the concept of e factory a large number of sensors are integrated in the plant. The process parameters can also be viewed from a remote place with internet